2012 PSB

2012 Paris Spelling Bee

TODAY, January 19th, is the last day to register.
All registration forms must be postmarked
on or before January 19.

Update: Gazelles (CE2-CM2) are full!
Spaces still available in the Cheetahs (6ème-4ème) division!

2011 Paris Spelling Bee: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners, Cheetahs division

Registration for the 5th Annual Paris Spelling Bee (PSB) is now open. Please visit our 2012 Invitation page for details and also visit our FAQ page for more information. We have also created a 2012 Registration page for easy access to the registration form. Please keep in mind that the deadline is Thursday January 19, 2012. Form must be signed and mailed in with the participation fee. Here are some important dates for your 2011-2012 calendar.


  • Saturday January 14, 2012 Introduction to Spelling Bees 15h00-16h00, to be held at the ALP. For children ages 7-14. Must RSVP with the ALP. This event is now FULL.
  • Saturday January 14, 2012 PSB Family Pizza Movie Night 18h30-21h00, to be held at the ALP. Join us for a special screening of the movie Akeelah and the Bee. This event is now FULL.


  • Thursday November 10, 2011 Paris Spelling Bee Registration Opens Registration opens for children in CE2-4ème. See our Invitation, FAQ and Registration pages on this blog.
  • Thursday January 19, 2012 Registration Deadline!! Last day to register for the PSB. Registration is first come first received, and limited to 100 applicants. To add your name or your school’s contact to our electronic updates, please email parisfrancespellingbee@gmail.com.
  • Saturday February 4, 2012 PSB Written Preliminary Round This is the written round for preregistered participants. Tentative time is 09h00-12h00. Location, in 75005, to be announced later. Confirmation, by email, will be sent to preregistered participants. Up to twenty finalists will be chosen from each division: Gazelles CE2-CM2, Cheetahs 6ème-4ème. Study List for the Preliminary Written Round will be made available 1 December 2011 on our blog under “2012 Study List,” and emailed to registered participants.
  • Sunday March 11, 2012 PSB Mock/Practice Session Tentative time: 10h00-13h00: This event is organized for
    Finalists chosen from the February 4th Preliminary Written Round. To be held at the American University of Paris. Study List for the Oral Finals of the Paris Spelling Bee will be made available to the Finalists after the Written Round.
  • Sunday March 25, 2012 Oral Finals of the Paris Spelling Bee Tentative time is 10h00-16h00. This event is open to Finalists and their invited guests. To be held at the American University of Paris.

To sign up for PSB updates and registration information, or if you have questions about the Paris Spelling Bee, please email Helen Sahin Connelly at parisfrancespellingbee@gmail.com.

The Paris Spelling Bee is organized by Gifted in France, in collaboration with the The American Library in Paris and hosted by the American University of Paris.

PSB is grateful to the ALP and AUP for their continued support of this community-wide enrichment event open to children throughout Paris. The 2011 PSB drew more than 100 children, grades CE2-4ème, from over 30 schools in the greater Paris area. Twenty students from each division, Gazelles CE2-CM2 and Cheetahs 6ème-4ème, advanced to the Oral Finals on March 20, 2011. For more information about the 2011 Bee and the winners- please scroll down.

Best of luck to everyone entering or following the 2012 Bee.
We are very excited about our 5th season!
Helen, Jude, Naida, Ashley, Amy, Cate, Kim and Rose
2012 Paris Spelling Bee Committee