2011 Registration is closed


Paris Spelling Bee

Registration is now closed. We wish our participants best of luck.

Cheetahs: Finalist for the 2010 Paris Spelling Bee. Top L to R: Sibylle Xatart, Casper Sanderson, Jivahn Moradian, Cody Vance, Paris Pryor, Shannon Connelly, Sasha Tsovma, Yasmeen Karkachi. Bottom L to R: Christopher Heim, Julien Dudas, Benjamin Macintyre, Mia Cabantous, William Brown
Gazelles: Finalists at the 2010 PARIS SPELLING BEE: L-R, Holly O'NEIL, Celine SON, Sooan OH, Alexia HASHEM, Julia CONNELLY, Emma NEWMAN, Tuli BENNETT-BOSE (397), Niamh HOWLEY (behind out of view), Matteo BOISSIERE (215), Mallory LEWIS, Taylor LANGDON (in the back), Sophia FUNG, Sabrina BLACK (765), Maxim BOUFFARD (in the back), Elodie FREY, Shane HOEBERICHTS (586)

Best of luck to our next round of participants!!

The Paris Spelling Bee Team