2010 Paris Spelling Bee

2009 Spelling Bee Finalists examine prizes before the start of the competition

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.

~Woody Allen

Thank you for your interest in the Paris Spelling Bee.  Registration for the 2010  season is now closed. Congratulations to all those who have entered the contest. You will be receiving information for the mandatory April 10 Preliminary Written Round in the next few days. All registered contestants should have received a confirmation of their registration by the end of this week.

Don’t just stand there! Try and learn the words from the Word List for your grade group (see the Word List tab) and show up on April 10th!

Study tips:

1.  How to Study for a Spelling Bee : Simple Tips and Tricks can Help any Speller: Read more at Suite101: How to Study for a Spelling Bee: Simple Tips and Tricks can Help any Speller http://middle-school-preparation.suite101.com/article.cfm/how-to-study-for-a-spelling-bee

2. How to start a Bee Study Club? http://www.canada.com/canspell/pdf/students/StudyClubs.pdf

3. Have fun with some of the spelling games listed on the links section of this blog.

Good luck!

Paris Spelling Bee Team