2009 Paris Spelling Bee

Dear Bees,

See you at the practice session on May 24th at the American Library at 14h00-16h00.

Don’t forget to bring your list of words.

For the Gazelles, we will be using words from Dr. Fry’s 1000 Instant Words: The Most Common Words for Teaching Reading,Writing and Spelling

Click on the below categories to see the Fry’s list of words:

Dr Fry’s 1000 Words

First 100 Words Second 100 Words Third 100 Words

Fifth 100 Words Sixth 100 Words Seventh 100 Words

Eigth 100 Words Ninth 100 Words Tenth 100 Words

For the Cheetahs, your word list was sent to you by email on April 13th.

Good luck everyone!!

The Bee Team